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ETS is committed to serving our communities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This service exists to keep the wheels turning and requests actioned outside of your regular business hours, so you can confidently sign off at the end of the workday, knowing we’ve got things covered. We don’t charge an hourly fee for this service, it’s simply a complimentary extension of our make-safe service to save you time and resources beyond your regular working day. We’re proud to operate an after-hours service that not only keeps essential make-safes operating, but also catalyses a positive cultural change within our clients’ companies.

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What We Do:

Make safes

We’re dedicated to providing the most efficient and reliable make-safe services in Australia – this extends to any make-safe requests made to our after-hours service team. We will be on the ground within two hours of a job being processed, with the make-safe completed within four hours - wherever you are across the nation.


We have an experienced support team tasked with managing all admin-related tasks during our after-hours operations. This includes recording and documenting all customer calls and requests, managing the make-safe process from start-to-finish, and liaising with the customer/insured and trade to ensure all jobs are completed and reported to your standard.


As part of our after-hours service, we handle all telecommunication with your customers/insureds. We will have a team of people operating the phones, so that your customers’ urgent make-safe requests and concerns will be addressed immediately. Our after-hours service is there so that you can confidently sign off at the end of the workday, knowing your customers will receive the same customer service when you’re away from the office.

How We Help:

Dedicated Phone Line

Our support team will operate an independent phone-line to respond to all after-hours requests on your business’s behalf – so that you can be sure your customers continue to receive consistent, quality service 24/7. We will work with you to establish your approved process and a script for our team to follow when answering the phone on your behalf.

Represent Your Company

If you would like for us to respond to calls as a representative of your company, we can set-up a dedicated phone-line. If you’re happy to let your customers know you are using an after-hours service, you can provide them with our office number. We’re here to strengthen the relationship you’ve built with your customers and ensure that they’re receiving consistent, quality customer service 24/7.

Manage All Make-Safes

Our after-hours service is highly valued by our clients. We offer this service as a complimentary extension of our make-safe service. All make-safes will be managed and actioned as normal by our experienced support tea and qualified expert trades.

Record/Documentation of All Communication

We record and document all communication between ETS and your customer/insured. We’ll regularly communicate with them to organise an appropriate time for our trades to complete the required works, whilst we update you at each stage of the process. We will document all calls that we receive. When a make-safe is actioned, an email will be sent to the you with information on the call and the works completed. If the call is a general inquiry, we will take a message and let them know you’ll return their call during operating hours, we’ll then inform you about it.

Reporting and Data

We’re here to make the process as simple, streamlined and transparent as possible. We’ll provide monthly, quarterly or bi-annually (or a customised time- frame if you wish). The reporting will include:
  • Number of calls received in the period
  • Average call time
  • MS conversions vs general enquiries
  • Timeframes

Assigned Team – Direct Contact With

You will have a dedicated support team assigned to assist you 24/7 and provide updates and communication along the way. Your team will ensure that we are delivering the service in a way that aligns with your company values and processes and compliments your customer service.

The Benefits:


As a company driven by 'Empowering People', this is our favourite benefit for our clients. We’re proud to operate a service that not only keeps essential make-safes operating, but also catalyses a positive cultural change within our clients’ companies. Allowing us to handle the work alleviates the stress and pressure on your staff to be constantly by their phones. With our after-hours service, they know they can confidently switch off after work, and the positive ripple effect that has on work culture and morale has been incredible to see.

Cut Costs

Our after-hour service is operated as an extension to our make-safe service, at no additional cost. That allows our clients to eliminates the extra expenditure of having your staff on-call, and significantly reduce costs.

Increased Capacity

Our service gives you the ability to expand your cabilities and capacity, with no risk attached. You can enjoy access to our national trade network and benefit from our ability to service your clients 24/7, increasing your capacity to take on work and extending your service capabilities.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers expect swift responses, particularly when in an overwhelming situation. Our after-hours services gives you the ability to respond to customers 24/7, alleviating their concerns and affording them the reassurance and satisfaction that they are being looked after. We also ensure that we frequently communicate with your customer/insured throughout any after-hours make-safe process, to make sure they feel safe and satisfied.

Customised Service (Tailored To You)

This service is tailored around your needs. We work with your definition of ‘after-hours’. Need us from 5pm-9am, we’ve got you covered. Every weekend? We can do that too. Or perhaps you have a big meeting scheduled and need us to take the phones for two hours, or you want to give your team an early mark on a Friday. Just let us know and we can have it covered.

Considerable Revenue Increase

Make-safes lead naturally into more quotes for follow-up repairs. By increasing your ability to take on more make-safes after-hours, you can introduce your follow up services, and take advantage of the make-safe to quotes and repairs pipeline. This increases our clients access to work and ultimately improves revenue.


ETS is dedicated to providing the most efficient and reliable make-safe services. We are committed to being on the ground within two hours of the job request.


ETS has expertise in small trade repairs up to $50,000. We manage and coordinate multiple trades with precision and collaborate as one collective.

Are you a trade business looking to partner with one of Australia’s leading trade service companies?

We have been working with the team at ETS for over five years now, and what stands out above all else is their care and dedication to helping people and their make safe response. They are always there to respond to our questions, hear our concerns and go the extra mile to make sure we, along with our customers, are happy, safe, and satisfied. They have an excitement for innovation and collaboration, customising their own systems to integrate with ours to make our jobs easier. At ETS, it’s clear that people are at the forefront of what they do. From their trades to their support team, it’s been wonderful to work alongside ETS for so many years”

— Philip Wilson, Head of Operations and Supply Chain, Home Repair

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