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From Launceston to Alice Springs we dont exclude people based on their postcode.

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ETS is dedicated to providing the most efficient and reliable make-safe services. We are committed to being on the ground within two hours of the job request.


ETS has expertise in small trade repairs up to $50,000. We manage and coordinate multiple trades with precision and collaborate as one collective.

After Hours

Were here to attend to all urgent services outside of your regular business hours, so you can confidently sign off at the end of the workday, knowing weve got things covered.

Are you a trade business looking to partner with one of Australias leading trade service companies?

Warnings of Summer Storms: How To Prepare

As the summer months start to roll around in Australia, the Bureau of Meteorology is warning of extreme weather events. This includes the likelihood of severe summer storms, which means now is the time get prepared and ensure you have a plan for your properties if storms were to hit your area. At ETS, we work with clients to secure their properties, both before and after storms. Here are our tips on being storm-ready, and how we can help make the process a little easier.

What is a Make Safe? Securing Your Property and Peace of Mind

When disaster strikes, whether it's due to fire, storm, vandalism, or other unforeseen events, properties can be left vulnerable and exposed to further damage. In such situations, the immediate safety and security of the property and its occupants become paramount. This is where the concept of a make safe comes into play. Let's delve into what this means, why it's essential, and how it plays a crucial role in restoring your property.

Emergency Trade Services (ETS) have been a dedicated repair and makesafe partner with White Wolf Constructions for over 3 years now. We were looking for a dedicated team to assist us with our after-hour services for our key clients & stakeholders, ETS provided their capacity to assist, and a strategic partnership ensued, and they have since been near flawless in their approach to this meaningful service. ETS offer a professional service, they are open to feedback and willing to adapt to our business requirements. We are confident the business relationship will continue to prosper.

— Jarrod Viles, Operations Manager, White Wolf Constructions

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